Food for Friends Red Deer



Our main program is providing food cards to provide food equity and food security throughout Red Deer and Central Alberta! Proving food equity and food security means we specifically provide access to food, via our food cards, so people have more food to eat (food security) and not just any food, but good healthy and nutritious food from a grocery store (food equity).

Food for Friends has a variety of programs and workshops to support people in making informed decisions around food. Program participation is not limited to clients but rather is open to everyone. We want people to know what to purchase and then how to best utilize the food they purchase. Food for Friends wants people to get the best value for their dollar and the most nutrients for their families. The need for food security is unfortunately more and more of a concern; individuals are searching for assistance that will support them in a dignified and empowering way. While some individuals are just seeking direct food assistance some are also seeking information on how to improve what they can do with the food they have access to.

Got Potatoes?: This is a program that everyone can get involved with, and contribute within the part that they enjoy doing the most. We grow potatoes, clean and prep potatoes, cook potatoes and sell a variety of potatoes dishes. 

Freezer Meal Workshops: These workshops are a great fit for any busy lifestyle, as all the shopping is done for you. You just show up and cook and take home a variety of meals. 

Nutritional Guidance: These workshops will vary from grocery store tours, to specific workshops for men, nutrition 101 or eating with diabetes and more. All workshops will be hosted by nutrition experts and/or a registered dietitian.

Urban Gardening: These workshops will leave you excited to start growing your own herbs, spice, fruits and vegetables. We have programs for beginners to long time gardeners. 

Any proceeds from our workshops are redirected back into sustaining our organization and ensuring that more people have access to food cards and training on how to best cook the food they purchase. 

Food for Friends wants to help ensure access to fresh meat, fruits and vegetables and foods that a family can build a meal around. 

If we can feed a child nutrient dense foods while they grow and develop they will be better equipped to perform better in extracurricular activities, sports and school. Hopefully we will also help the child learn the importance of making healthy food choices.


Food for Friends was a two year pilot project in Red Deer, run by volunteers, and is no longer operational. However, I leave this web page up to help encourage the progression, conversation and facilitation for food equity and food security in our communities. I am very proud of the number of individuals and families that, as a group, we were able to provide substantial help to. 

Please feel free to use anything you would like from this page. If you have questions you may email