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         Kids can help too!

Got Potatoes?

Potatoes are a common household staple all over the world, whether you like them baked, mashed, twice baked, scalloped, skinned, or as hash-browns there is always room for potatoes at the dinner table. 

Our Got Potatoes? program is an easy way that we get the community involved with food security, right from planting, gardening, cleaning, cooking and selling or anywhere in between!  






Grow: Help us grow potatoes at your house. We need as many potatoes as we can get. If you have a spot inside or outside please consider growing potatoes and sending them our way. 

Prepare: Potatoes need to be washed and prepared for cooking. Sometimes they are skinned, diced, shredded or mashed and we can use your help with our potato prep.  

Bake: We bake a lot of potatoes. Please join us in a potato party, where we prepare and bake potatoes in a group setting. 

Buy: We sell a variety of potato dishes that help sustain the funding for food cards. Click here: See Our Potato Dishes.



Upcoming Potato Parties:

Dates TBA 


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