Food for Friends is happy to have partnered with the amazing adventure photographer Stephen Underhay to produce a calendar with stunning landscape photos, which benefits our food card program. 

All net proceeds will be donated to our food card program, which assists individuals and families with access to fresh food from a grocery store. 


Please purchase your calendar today. 

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About the Artist:
Stephen Underhay is a local photographer and writer based out of Red Deer, Alberta. He has lived here for two years and when he is not in the city at his full-time job, as a firefighter, he is usually out in the mountains. 

He specializes in adventure photography. This includes lifestyle, landscape, and astrophotography. As an avid mountaineer, climber and trekker he has developed his style through a passion for exploration and adventure. 

We send our deepest thanks for his key role in making this project a success. 


Food for Friends was a two year pilot project in Red Deer, run by volunteers, and is no longer operational. However, I leave this web page up to help encourage the progression, conversation and facilitation for food equity and food security in our communities. I am very proud of the number of individuals and families that, as a group, we were able to provide substantial help to. 

Please feel free to use anything you would like from this page. If you have questions you may email